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For over 30 years, K+S Services have been providing our Customers with high quality, cost effective and prompt delivery of servo valve repairs. We utilize the expertise of our factory trained technicians as well as a state of the art service department to perform computerized static and dynamic testing of servo valves. We believe in the Quality of our repairs so much, that we provide a 13 Month In-Service Warranty on the entire valve. To read more about our Servo Valve Repairs, please view our Brochure here.

In the event that your servo valve is determined to be non-repairable, K+S Services in partnership with Star Hydraulics Ltd., is able to provide an economical, high quality, drop-in replacement for most of the common servo valves used in the market today. K+S Services are the only Authorized Distributor and Service Center in the United States for Star Hydraulics. Together, we have delighted many customers with the patented “Long lasting Sapphire Technology” that Star Hydraulics incorporates into their servo valves in many industrial, manufacturing, and testing sectors around the country.

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