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With downtime costs rising rapidly in the industry, K+S understands the need for prompt, efficient, and quality service. Whether we are repairing a servo motor from a machine tool or from an assembly operation, K+S offers emergency repairs on all manufacturers and types of servo and spindle motors. In most cases your servo will be returned within 24-72 hours.

At K+S, we use state of the art equipment and systems to maintain today’s high-tech servo and servo feedback equipment. K+S technicians have been factory trained and certified in the proper operation and functionality of all equipment and processes used in our facility. Whether a servo motor from a machine tool or a servo nut runner system from an assembly operation, our technicians utilize computer assisted programs to properly test, qualify and verify each component’s operation under load in closed - loop systems to OEM specifications. All load tests are recorded by computer and a printed record of your motor’s performance is generated after testing has been completed.

In order to keep pace with today’s ever changing technology, K+S continually develops new, custom designed load test stands and systems to accommodate the wide range of servo motors that are used in the industry today.

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