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Mechanical Components

Our highly trained technical specialists are dedicated to providing our customers with quality repairs or remanufacturing services on; hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, rotary actuators, proportional valves, servo valves, gear boxes, gear reducers, brake assemblies, actuators, and other industrial hydraulic / mechanical items.

As with our electronic group, K+S has adopted a similar concept in our Hydraulic and Mechanical division. Over the years, K+S has developed and constructed test systems designed to properly test repaired / remanufactured components under load. Once repairs are completed, each item is rigorously tested on specially designed test stands to verify proper operation and that it meets OEM specifications.

  • Repair of current and obsolete components
  • In-Service warranty on all repairs
  • Remanufactured items warranty as new
  • Priority and Emergency service available
  • Dynamic load testing

Technical Bulletins:
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